in the last sixteen hours:
i found an amazing house. i wanted it. i was shocked i could sort of afford it. i love the neighbourhood. the house was not on a main street with a busline like almost everything else i've seen.

i told my realtor, she said she'd call in the morning about it (it was late by then). i emailed everyone and showed everyone the flyer with the picture of the pagoda-like old portland house which would soon be mine.

this morning my realtor told me the house already had four offers and the owners were deciding by noon. if i wanted to make an offer it would have to be without seeing the house and a "strong" offer (meaning probably more money than i'm pre-approved for). and that was that. so i went into the back warehouse at work, thought about it, realized the owners weren't even going to consider an offer coming in this late when all i had to offer was 3,000 more than the asking price, and cried.

i'll find something. and now i know what neighbourhood i want to buy in.

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  1. Oh! So frustrating! It seems like you are so close, though, which I'm sure just adds to the frustration, but it's so exciting at the same time. For me, at least.


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