listening to the shells

southern california was unusually cold and wet and green last week. (not nearly as cold and wet and green as portland, just unusually so for the LA area.)
first off, ellie picked me up in burbank and we headed to our old hangout in pasadena. after about half an hour we got bored and left. we decided to go downtown to check out MOCA where they had paintings and drawings done by comic book artists, which was neat. we walked down 1st to the other location (which was closed) and stopped at a korean bbq place for lunch. (i'll put a picture here after i finish off that roll and get them developed.) then we went to my parents' house and soon left for my brother's house. it was nice to see him & his family...especially the vaderface i call lando. he's a magical baby who should be 11 months old but is 14 instead. he has these bright blue eyes (where did that come from?) and no hair so he looks kinda like vader when luke takes his helmet off. except more like a baby. the next day ellie and i made orange marmalade with my mum instead of going downtown again. then she had to go home.
i taught lando how to clap and worked on getting him to hi-five and roll his Rs (which he did later in the week). a few days later my grandparents got into town and dragged me to the mall with them until we all went crazy.
i attempted to hang out with old friends who all a.) were in the midst of having babies (3 of them!) or b.) don't live there anymore. but i did get to talk to angie pre-labor plus started emailing eric which has been interesting. oh yeah, and forgot to go to a party where i would have seen all of my non-parent friends who live there.
got to know my sister in law a little better. she's pregnant again which was cool because i never saw her pregnant the first time. i had resisted watching american idol until she wanted to watch it and i couldn't really leave. i hate it. my whole family watches it. and they watch wheel of fortune which is funny. my grandpa says for-tune in a funny new england sort of way and we all laugh about that. my dad and i like jeapordy.
besides that i went hiking a lot. and for a bike ride. and slept and read a lot. which was really nice.
on the way to the airport we drove past jay leno driving one of his old cars and he waved hi and honked. my grandparents were so funny, they wanted to take a picture of him and got all excited.
the best music to listen to while your plane is landing is either in french or tchaikovsky.

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