last night noah & i watched the first three movies in the antione doinel series by trauffaut. i had seen antoine et colette a while back and loved it. i couldn't remember what it was called but then found out it was part of this series of films with the same actor (jean-pierre leuad) when i heard about the film l'amour en fuite on watoo watoo's website. and noah just happened to own all of the dvds. because he would.
i've also been thinking about a connected sort of mix that starts off with a song and is followed by a song it references or a song that sounds similar, etc. maybe because i just heard the ringo star song photographs on the radio. maybe i'll list every song i get stuck in my head each day and see how related they are. there's a potential mix for every day. but i won't get carried away.

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  1. Songs that sound similar as in "Full of stars" and "Vanessa from Queens"


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