this was last friday.

in a basement too small for the amount of people and equipment it contained, finally i was able to see a band, a band called pants machine.
a few years back i met this kid who made music, then met him again, where he worked at kinkos. i heard about this band he's in and by the name was thinking a bit more electro. you know, the usual portland. so i was wrong.
this band is what pavement would be if they started 15 years later and had an upright bass. i was thinking this the song before alan says, "we hope you like pavement-esqe music...you don't even know what that means..."
everyone there was really young. i keep finding out that people who are really young are usually really amazing once you get to know them. all those people who seemed kinda irritating, yeah, they're actually awesome. just like those middle school kids i hung out with in the 90s. these kids are the future. and right now.

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  1. "All middle-schoolers (unless I know them personally) look the same to me" -Me.

    I know what you mean though. Mexico 2004 taught me a lot of amazing things about the generation born in the late 80's. It's humbling.


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