the of montreal

oh dear. they're great. i think the last time they were in town i had more fun because it was a smaller venue with better sound but this time was certainly exciting as well.
of course i got there late. i had meant to give my roomies a ride but they were gone when i got home. the openers were no one worth mentioning so i arrived around ten thirty to see a really really horrible "band?" that talked through over 50% of their set (or what i saw of it. then an asian dj played bad 80s music and tried to get everyone to dance. that wasn't funny.
then finally they started. at this point i had found niff and veni and they directed me toward yonotan and patzi. after stopping by yucky stinky smoky lola's room to see if what was going on there was more interesting. (it wasn't)
so i actually went into the 21+ area because that's where my friends were... and it wasn't too bad. from the bench in the back i had a perfect view of the entire stage when kevin walked out with a wedding gown on.
i knew he'd have a few costumes going on. what he said was great:
"portland, we'd like to make love to you tonight. we're kinda old fashioned, so we'll have to get married first. portland, will you marry us?" (everyone yells yes or something) and then he took off the veil and said something about slipping into something a little more comfortable. i don't want to write about kevin's clothes anymore. but he took off the dress and i thought he was just wearing white boxers for a while. they were real shorts though.
they started with rapture rapes the muses and played songs from the last two albums (though nothing from the eps that came with them) and a couple new songs. oh and i guess one older song. and of course there was an encore. they played a supreme's cover first which was super rad. and then ended with the rupidiated immortals (as they did the last time). jolly good show.
so after all the loitering and such we were around the merch tables (i got satanic panic in the attic on vinyl, ven got the "tour only" ep) and ven and i are talking about indonesian rupees or something. next thing i know, i turn around and jonathan's chatting with kevin. kevin is wearing lots and lots of sparkly eye makeup. he says how's it going or something to me to which i reply, "hey...when are you gonna write a rock opera? ...or a disco opera?" and he was saying he could do an abba sort of show but he didn't think he was flashy enough yet. jonathan said he got flashier every time he went to one of their shows. i said probably by next year they'd be ready. he seemed really normal in comparison to when he's on stage.
so in conclusion, if you have opportunity to see of montreal, do it. if you don't (in the words of the jen) you're a fool.

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  1. Ohmigosh, that sounds utterly fantastic. I'm feeling sort of sorry that I was such a brokeass stickinthemud and didn't attend.


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