my eyes are tired.

tired from watching awesome videos all the time!
a.) got a DVD-R of the goodnight moon video (so i can skip over the songs and just watch the kids being hilarious), It's Flashbeagle, Charlie Brown! (my fave peanuts special with the catchiest songs ever), and an episode of Strawberry Shortcake (the bake-off in big apple city) from the actual 80s (none of that fake 80s remake business). my best friend noah is awesome.
b.) (also from noah) a copy of the video he made at the only rilo kiley show i've gone to - before we met. i like them a lot better now that i know the songs.
c.) my new most frequented website:another brick in the wall
it's got a squadzillion (definition: a facetious attempt at infinity) links to music videos. and some live videos from shows. roman coppola has a thing for blowing up stuff and has cops in almost all his videos.

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