the mix i made for ((soymilk)) last week (but still haven't given to him):
side A
jonathan and daniel - good next 30 days
of montreal - everyday is like sunday
mates of state - goods (all in your head)
sloan - my autobiography
the free design - 59th st. bridge song
the smoke - it could be wonderful
brian wilson - wonderful
weezer - longtime sunshine
queen - good company
the talking heads - the good thing
the evens - you won't feel a thing
the elected - did me good
rilo kiley - the good that won't come out
jad fair and yo la tengo - high school shop class constructs bicycle built for 26

side B
seve vs. evan - little red and wolfie b.
mum - will the summer make good for all of our sins?
blonde redhead - loved despite of great faults
stephen malkmus - malediction
the dismemberment plan - the city
ice cube - today was a good day
the magnetic fields - how to say goodbye
stevie wonder - sir duke
smokey and miho - summer rain
sean lennon - into the sun
cabinessence - there goes the show
sloan - can't say goodbye


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