(it's been a while since i've made a list of) things that currently make me happy:
this concretes video
the sound of the rain on the roof
getting to stay up all night because i haven't started working again and can sleep all day
riding my bike
pinback reminding me of gardening in the rain a few years ago
my nephew is a year old - he was born so early the doctors didn't think he would live. i knew he'd be fine!
denise gave me her copy of CQ!
cooking asian food with nette
actually leaving the house and remembering that people look at each other a lot in portland
looking at records and deciding to get a record player that won't ruin my records
lots of shows this weekend (kind of like spitting for free tonight, thanksgiving and the watery graves tomorrow, the days on saturday and sexton blake on sunday)
another mixchange! (working on a challenging theme idea now)
blogging again after a long hiatus due to the abandonment of an old quasi-blog-community

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