today is handmade bazaar and it's been unusually uneventful.
1. jen and i are both in a bad mood thus not the best salespeople. not that we are when we're in a good mood.
2. we got here late so we got this table in a random hallway by the washrooms and there's not a lot of traffic back here.
3. jen just left to go do some recording. which is good. but i'm sad that i'm here by myself the rest of the day. i kinda just want to take off early to go hang out with michelle, matt and bela. and witten.

i keep thinking i'm going to quit this business. sell everything (but that means i have to sell it...) and move to japan. actually the other night tim suggested that i take the hi-five shirts to japan with me and hand them out to the kids who are in the fruits magazines so a year from now everyone knows about them and wants one. the idea of being a successful businessperson is more scary than a struggling one. there's a point where creative action becomes stagnant and turns into normal work. another good point tim brought up is man's curse to toil at his work. no matter how much you initially like your job it will turn into work at some point. i believe that the curse has no power over us if we believe that sin has been conquered with christ's resurection. who doesn't want that? i don't need that pain in childbirth business.

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