it's snowing...

say it in your head like, "it's happening."
finally. watching snow falling is retribution for enduring low temperatures.

and the way it happened was magical (like all things in my world). i was laying on my bed looking out the window (what ellie calls "watching TV" for cats) and listening to nuno canavaro when the most perfect snow sounding song came on. i noticed a few snowflake looking items drifting about outside my window. i thought, "is that snow!? nah. the house has dandruff." then i saw some more. so i sat up so i could see the ground and realized it was, in fact, something like snow. what is this snowlike substance that hasn't graced portland for so long?

(the last time)
it was actually hail. i think. it was still pretty. and then after a short time it grew up into giant snowflakes. a great big family of them. how can anyone believe in evolution after watching snow fall? each one of those snowflakes is different. and there's more in the air right now on my block than people alive right now i bet.
the sky has that wintery glow now. i think i'll be watching a lot more TV before it gets dark.
in between looking for work of course.

and then i'll make a mix about snow.


  1. The snow was super surreal for me. We walked three miles in it and the whole time I had I-can't-believe-it's-real! sort of thoughts.

  2. Hanging out with you was great! Yay!


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