"i am quit."

i guess my old room mate's latina coworker used to joke around that she was quitting by saying that. i always liked it and thought i might use it one day if i quit a job and didn't mind confusing my boss. at work yesterday i was drawing a picture of a tree with a bird in it and some clouds and some of my friends standing under the tree. the bird was saying, "i am quit." i put it up in my cubicle to cheer me up. since i can barely convince myself to show up to work every day. i think i'll go tomorrow because it's pirate day or something dumb like that and maybe i'll tell someone my pirate joke. every day i've been applying for jobs. unfortunately a lot of them turn out to be scams. that's what happens when you're interested in telecommuting. there's this job i reelly want illustrating a textbook or something. it sounds so awesome. so i need to illustrate some buildings real quick, scan them, put them on a website, then send a resume with a link to the website. the only problem is i don't really ever draw buildings. and it's already 4pm... bah!

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  1. What is it with scam jobs? I started to apply for this one that wanted me to put money down (which does not benefit me in any way).


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