he's my favorite young child. and i feel bad for saying that because i have a nephew (lando) in california who i also adore but barely know.
today i hung out with bela all day. we listened to some tchaikovsky, watery graves, and fred rodgers. then we went for a nice walk (he slept, i pushed the stroller). then we watched the yellow submarine, which he loved. (matt pretended to be upset when i told him bela loved the beatles.) then we watched a little bit of a rilo kiley show until the dvd decided not to work. then we watched a fraggle rock video and he thought it was hilarious. then mom and papa came home and of course papa put on teletubbies (whose only awesomeness is due to british children). "where going star?" i hate that show. i fed bela some yams and then mish gave him a pickle slice and he made the most awesome grossed out face i've ever seen. i wish i had it on video. then he proceded to finish off the pickle. and steal a slice of summer sausage from me. who would have thought an eight month old vampire could eat that stuff? (he has two front bottom teeth and two top side teeth.)

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  1. What a lovely picture, what lovely baby feet.


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