started sometime late at night at michelle and matt's apartment. after making candy turkeys we played scrabble. i love that game but am not so concerned about scoring points i guess. then after around five hours of sleep angie called and woke me up and said i should come over for breakfast. and that she had just called the other alissa who thought it was hilarious. i guess us alissas are wierded out by people getting us mixed up because it doesn't happen often. so i went to todd and angie's for breakfast and brought them a mix cd. the only other people who came were ted and stacey. plus sarah and the kids who live there - jason had to work. brennan is adorable and my new favorite little girl. she kinda reminds me of gertie on et. she had the raddest red dress coat that she wore when we went for a walk and she was wearing an angel costume (sans wings & halo) and dress up girl shoes which she refused to change before walking plus resisted putting socks on even though it was something like 40degrees out. i consoled todd by telling him she'll most likely grow out of her girly phase soon enough. he was saying he'd have to take her to a shooting range... and zion was wearing a batman shirt with these built in wings under the arms - so cool. and he had overalls on top of that. i love how kids dress. so we walked to ken & deborah's to say hi and got invited to go to banks on saturday to a christmas tree farm for free trees! (not that i like cut trees but i'm going to pick one up for mish & matt's house for our godfather sushi christmas) i'm happy that angie and i are friends now. i always thought she was cool but didn't think she even really knew who i was until tuesday when she complimented my art.
anyway, then i had to go to work, the coolest thing about that was that it took only five minutes to get there from their house. amazing. it was slow and i got some reading done and took a nap. i was thinking they might have catered dinner for us but they just got some pies. that was nice. (today i didn't eat one thing that i paid for.)
then i went to the girls house for leftovers and they were finishing up watching bill & ted's with a projector. awesome. i ate a lot of brussels sprouts and three pieces of tofurkey.

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