kinda on accident i stopped by the korean church next to my house today. i didn't go to imago this morning because i'm feeling sick and i wanted to check out the cultural-ness of the korean church. because the service is entirely in korean and i don't speak a word of korean, i found myself in the perfect situation to pray. i prayed for koreans, being persecuted in north korea and for opportunity in south korea. and i prayed about japan. this is something i should do daily but i hardly ever take time to do. the church is very traditional, everyone was dressed nice, etc. i wonder what it will be like in japan, what kind of opportunities christians there have, and what types of worship they practice. it sounds like it's much more dificult to find a place to fellowship with other christians. i was thinking about my vision for going there, to have a teahouse, more ameriacan style. to hang out with young people (arouond my age) and to worship with them in a more post modern, house church sort of way. i'm not sure what this will look like but what i do know is that i have a lot to learn. i'm praying to be spiritually prepared to go. i know i'm spiritually and phisically lazy. i don't want to go as a 'stupid, fat american' but i don't expect anyone to treat me like i am japanese. i just don't want to be the stereotypical american. and i know i'm not. but i want to get farther away from that. i think once i'm there i'm going to be stretched real far and grow a whole lot if i take the challenge and opportunity to learn what i can. i want to be changed, i know i need it. i'm not sure what the result will be. all i know is that if i'm in YHWH's hands, i'll be what he has made me to be.

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