i rilly didn't have much to say, that i can think of at least. i can't write on kiss me like you mean it from this library because the site is blocked. which i think it's funny because it's only blocked because of the title. today i got a lot of little things done despite the fact that i slept in and have had that fuzzy head i-feel-like someone-hit-me-in-the-head-with-a-brick feeling because of drinking caffiene the last few days. that darn caffiene. it just sounds reely good every once in a while but it doesn't make me feel good at all. i actually felt like i didn't have anything to do tonight which was nice. it's been a while. i guess i could be painting although i just put primer on the canvases this morning and they're still smelly. and it's too cold to paint outside. i'll be helping my room mate screen print all night though, once she's home from work. i'm so glad i'm done with skool and don't stay up all night doing projects and homewerk. it was fun sometimes but i don't recover from all nighters as well as i used to... i do wish i was as prolific as i was when i was in skool.

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