i never liked the smell of books...
it's the dust perhaps...
if you know what that's from i'll bet you're malcolm.
i'm so girly all of a sudden. well in the last year or so. suddenly i'm not so ignorant about literature by charlotte bronte or jane austin. i no longer mock the girly-ness of my friends. pink is no longer abhorent to me. well not as much. i melted when mike sang girlfriend in a coma. and still i love hardcore, the most un-girly-est kind of music i know of. i'm reminded of joking with ellie and malcolm about how i'll probably get few.left.standing to do al green covers at my wedding. that would just be too funny. i don't even listen to al green... and weddings rilly shouldn't be funny. julie, you've got five weeks to go. you can do it. if anyone can, it's you. RESPONSIBILITY is a big word. to me that just sounds so scary and far-off. when will my mental age get much higher than the fourth grade level?

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