what was it about him...?
waffles sound good. filafel waffle. why did i go to seattle? out of towning is always an adventure. i don't even like seattle. he doesn't even know me... they were rilly into quoting corey from say anything, 'that'll never be me, no!'
and i fell asleep just staring at the ceiling. did i tell everyone how giddy i was to meet blair? blair of all people, the most humble of indy rock stars, and i was giddy. the sound is jealous.
now i'll try to watch a movie for the third time that i was too tired to watch the last two times. and you came to to two cherry cokes, came to to coke, yeah. at the crock. you don't owe me anything...you do it to yourself, you do...how many songs can i get stuck in my head today? you are thesunandmoonandstars are you. and i could never run away from you.

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