'i am not who i want to be, i probably will not ever be...' i'm reely digging the modest mouse self titled ep from five years ago. i'm SO motivated and i have such a peace about not having a day job right now...i've been offered two 'streetteem' (retail marketing) positions plus a ministry opportunity which is great experience for creative work. i'm applying for an internship with another record company, which would be similar to the street team work. i'm making so many connections with creative people and am confident that the stagnant season in my life is passing. i'm excited to see what You have for me, just around the corner... i'm motivated to be more prolific, because of the abundance of free time or the creative people who've been placed in my life. i reely want to take advantage of every opportunity placed before me. i seem to like hitting the space bar for too long or something like that....

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