now that i'm kinda sloshed on hot chocolate i've decided that it's been too long and i need to add a little of what i've written in the last few days onto here. you know...share... (this should be read like 'you know...friend...' from better off dead)
so here's some magnet poetry....oh dear...so kitsch...

these are not my pant s
i will always love you but when will i say it trip ing over my tongue
stop whisper ing i scream ed
red goddess es with forest skin sleep like blood in the sea swim ing in their sad storm beneath a petal like shadow
our day dream s soar enourmous ly above pink garden s and drunk peach es
& he was here with me like the summer would rob the spring the sun wax ing pease let me get what i want he said like a symphony of honey void of language in the moment together
am or ous for est & we chocolate less and her mean ness moan may we dress gown ed in bare breast
she milk ed them smooth moon shake
bitter winter knife of death

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